I am not going to get too much into icons specifically in this blog as i think the power of pixels goes beyond merely the creation of them for their own sake. Clearly the 16×16 pixel icon can trace its roots to the early days of susan kares work who continues to set standards of excellence for icon creation. If you go for the new breed of antialiased “shiny” kinds of icons (ie. those done by mac artists) you can check out the community of pixel artists (or “iconists” as they are apparently being called) at the icon factory . They do seem to give props to the traditional 16×16 format, but also included in the icon conventions for the mac, a 128×128 version!

find out more and enter

I am thinking about entering my chess pieces this year (to be posted soon), but weighing in at 10×12 pixels i am way below the minimum requirements.



the cover page at lovepixel will blow your mind. we’ll have to find out how long someone might spend designing such an illustration. but no take off or landing. =[
some very excellent icons available here.

You always write it’s bombing, bombing, bombing. It’s not bombing, it’s air support.
— Air Force Colonel David Opfer, complaining to reporters about their coverage of the Vietnam War.

thunderbirds are go!

Well one more from Hide, just for good measure. He’s done a bunch of new starwars icons back at his site

But I tend to lean towards the old school. As seen below with these beautiful renditions of a cult classic.

thunderbirds are go!

(there is a bunch more good stuff coming i swear it!)