So many ideas, a sketchnote

This past monday I was fortunate to catch a talk at VPL from the authors of the new book “We Have No Idea” from Jorge Cham ( artist of PHD comics ) and Daniel Whiteson (Physicist). Had some interest on twitter about this sessions so decided to share my sketchnote (below) and use it as springboard to get a few blog posts going. Some big things coming up in October and I could definitely use a warm up.

sketchnote from a talk about the new book “We Have No Idea”

“Every cartoon is mostly blank space, it’s only the lines that are there.” ~ D. Whiteson

The book is fantastic, tackling some of the biggest questions you can imagine (How large is the universe, What is dark energy? etc) and the audience seemed ready to dive into them. For myself however I was more interested in the work itself, particularly its development and the collaboration between “artist” and scientician. This is the crossover I am seeking out. How do academics themselves enter this world, if they are not able to collaborate with an “artist” them selves? If you have been reading PHD comics  as I have you know Jorge has a knack for for capturing the tribulations of academic life in a fun and accessible way.  One of the unexpected surprises of this talk was also how they used Jorges’ drawings on the powerpoint slides, but also live annoted (or “scribed”) on top of them. Very powerful technique I may steal in the future! 😉

I’m still reflecting on this work, and hope to incorporate these ideas into some of my own teaching soon.