A couple more for the archive

Not sure how well this process of archiving is going to scale. Eventually my dropbox will fill up and then I will either need to move these files to my wordpress server or… something. ┬áCan’t think about that now. Here are two more sets that have been living on the soundclound that Im trying to archive for posterity.

#5 (these number refer to the sequence they were originally posted on SC)
Music From When I Was 30 (aka 1999) Archived Audio 20110722 0009b

This set was originally blocked by SC from being uploaded due to a copyright violation in the first track. It seemed to be accepted after I modified the file.

we’ll see if this works. i removed the track that blocked the upload the first time, but im sure my content is being reviewed now.

I have a big blog post a brewin on this one. Not for the whole copyright issue either



harnessing the power of funk Archived Audio 20110726 1928

a spontaneous mix i felt like doing simply cause i needed a pick me up. I’m disabling downloads these days to see if the copyright po-po get off my case. message me somehow if you would like a copy of any of my mixes.

I also started thinking about producing “album covers” for my sets which from this point on were were done.