Digging through the crates

I’ve been struggling more than expected to post my ’30 second’ intro. Too many potential projects to start with, too much unfinished business.  A thread has emerged however as I have been digging through my old files, notes, shards of media, and too long a checklist of unfinished or even unstarted projects. Drawing.

I spent part of the day yesterday acquiring more analogue art making materials, for drawing, which has been a passion of mine ever since I can remember.  These days I’m a regular at Dr. Sketchy’s Anti Art school, and have been generating a steady flow of very cheeky drawings, like the one below. Till now, you have had to come for a visit to catch a glimpse of some of the good ones, but THIS is going to change in the realm of #ds106 digital storytelling.  The sun came out for a brief 2 min stint this afternoon, and I snatched the opportunity to catch some shots and will be posting some of them here, or probably to my picasa. (nothing at all there at the moment!) No idea how these images may become transformed by being digital we will just have to wait and see.

On the digital side, I was inspired from the get go by JJ, as she found the perfect use for a 4 year collection of photo booth photos, I too have a collection of digital fragments, that have been sitting idle for years waiting to be set free, (dont we all?!) In my case it’s series of audio cassette recorded letters between my mother and grandfather, from 1973-1976. I digitised these several years ago, but up until today the files were in an old Audacity format, burned on a CD,  tucked at the back of one of my drawers. No more! Today I installed the update of Audacity on my newest system, and got to busy importing the old files and saving them as mp3s so that I might DO something with them.  For now that is just throwing them into garage band and trying to pull out a listenable chunk to fullfill my ds106 intro.

Again, I dont think I have found a perfect use for these fragments just yet, but I have been using (and LOVING) soundcloud to find and listen to new music.  I am particularly fond of their comments interface as it displays across the waveform, so I figured it would be a good way to start to publish  and share some of these audio clips.

My story then is, is from a 6 year old me, (my first podcast) describing what I do in kindergarten, which so far is eerily similar to this class.

Assignment 1 by draggin

This is not an assignment

First post into #ds106, more of a test post than anything.

There is so much I want to do in this course I do not even know where or how to start. Art. Digital Art. Digital Storytelling. Next level. I’m feeling kinda cocky going in because most of this technology  does not intimidate me. I have been doing this stuff for years. Many, many years, and I have witnessed along with you all, the transformation of the tools, the software, the webs, how we use them in our daily lives, and how they are used to create art.  I haven’t been too impressed to be honest. In fact, its all starting to scare me a little bit!

But lets start by going back, waaay back. I’d like to examine my own history with art, with storytelling, with being digital. Growing up with analogue technologies, I find I still always fall back on them and their old, crusty analogue ways. I want to resist this. I’m going to try to be a digital story teller whatever the hell that is supposed to be. I’ve had experiments in the past, many half starts. This is my opportunity to follow through on some them.

May I present one of my earliest animated .gifs. circa 2003, the animated colour cube. This little gem was created using photoshop, and an as yet un-calculated number of hours, ‘painting’ the pixels one at a time. There was liberal use of “copy & paste” of course, and the “Hue/Saturation” filter . For some reason I was fascinated by pixel art at the time. It satisfies none of the criteria for the animated .gif assignment in this course, but I really can just sit here and watch it for minutes at a time.

My research on this project is evident in the collection of links I kept and had bookmarked on delicious under the tag, pixel.  I’m not sure the latest update on that service but it seems like a good time to host this list myself, even though half the links are probably broke.

www.datenform.de — Net Data Space vs. Every Day Life — Aram Bartholl
Random Screen is a mechanical thermodynamic screen that the user can’t control and that functions without any electricity. Conventional tea candles illuminate and generate the changes on the 4×4 pixel screen.
Mini Pixel Icons
These mini icons are designed at 14×14px with transparent background. They are specially designed for header or side navigation buttons. Feel free to use these icons for your site (personal or commerical). However, if you are using more than 10 different
Lots of dots
Dots can help you grasp big numbers.
::guimp pacman:: world’s smallest pacman game
Derek Yu – Pixel Tutorial
The Pixel Tutorial
Blue Ball Machine
::guimp:: world’s smallest website
1 pixel pacman and more!
The Man in Blue > Experiments > Pixelfest collaborative artwork
16891 pixelators have added to Pixelfest.
Pixel Art at pixeljoint.com – Forum Avatars, Buddy Icons
Pixel Joint is a community dedicated to the pixel art style
Habbo Hotel – Home Page
storTroopers – make yourself!
stortroopers was originally introduced in 2000 as a commercial product by stor entertainment, a company (not currently trading) that Alice co-owns. There’s been a free version running on netgoth since that time, & the trooper images find their way into so
pixelfreak > info > tutorial
Diesel Sweeties
t h e q u i l t i n g b e e
Miniml fonts
Complete Guide to Isometric Pixel Art
Robot Frog
pixel museum
Susan Kare
Motion Theory
Move your feet
New Venue
Power FM
Top Icons
Pixture studio
Kao-ani~~ (^-^)
Mr. Wong The Pixel Grower
Flip Flop Flyin’
Habbo Hotel
Golden shower
Pixel People
Netbaby, Fun!
Mobiles Disco
Pixelporn demo

Lets do this

Alright, enough really is enough already. The name of my tumblr blog was SUPPOSED to instigate some blogging,  way back when, but… nothing. It may come in handy as a social media aggregator or something at some point, but it seems to be lousy even as that. Not sure whats in store for that place, but this place, jasontoal.ca is the new hotness right here. The new place for all things me. Oh I know you’ve heard this before and it’s true. I have started many blogs in the past, sometime more than one at a time, and maybe used them casually for awhile but they never really stuck and I have never really become a blogger. (Although I play one on TV).  This is the place I am hoping something sticks.

I have made several resolutions this year. I am liking having my resolutions this year and dont mind calling them that.  I think the new year is a good time for a fresh start, and to give yourself some challenges and its what I hope to do in many areas of my life, including blogging. I may mention some of these other resolutions later, but the main premise behind them all is “next level shit“. Everything is going to the next level this year, 2011 bring it on I’m stoked!

jasontoal.ca  was to serve as my central web presence, be my online portfolio and professional point of contact. And it still will be, but since it has sat dormant for so long without any action, it is time to bring in the big guns. Desperate times call for desperate measures I need to kick start things right here, right now to take it next level, and I believe I have found the perfect vehicle to do so. Take an online course.

DS106 Digital Storytelling is that course.

Inspired, instigated, dared and taunted by the likes of brlamb , dlnorman, and a host of others,  I am taking the plunge, my first steps, putting myself out there, throwing my keys in the bowl, taking it to the edge and… pirouettes!