Vancouver Draw Down: Day 22 (first post)

By some chance I managed to stumble across this project today, The Vancouver Draw Down. It’s been awhile since i’ve posted so will skip straight to the point. This project is so spot what I’m familiar with in the ds106 community and the Daily Create I just had to jump in. Not to mention the fact that it is local and will give me the motivation to draw everyday, (besides Draw Something). I’m a little bummed I’ve only caught on for Day 22 of 30.  But am determined to complete the remainder of the assignments and check out some the amazing looking wrap up events going on next week. So far, the Exquisite Corpse has got my vote!

And now for my first assignment:

Day 22 Daily Drawing Project

Just for Fun: Place your paper on a textured surface. Rub the side of a crayon across the paper: frottage!


For this ( my first ) Daily Drawing assignment I chose the stove top as a rubbing surface. Had to do several layers and alternate directions of the marks to really get the shape of the stove top to stand out.

Digging through the crates

I’ve been struggling more than expected to post my ’30 second’ intro. Too many potential projects to start with, too much unfinished business.  A thread has emerged however as I have been digging through my old files, notes, shards of media, and too long a checklist of unfinished or even unstarted projects. Drawing.

I spent part of the day yesterday acquiring more analogue art making materials, for drawing, which has been a passion of mine ever since I can remember.  These days I’m a regular at Dr. Sketchy’s Anti Art school, and have been generating a steady flow of very cheeky drawings, like the one below. Till now, you have had to come for a visit to catch a glimpse of some of the good ones, but THIS is going to change in the realm of #ds106 digital storytelling.  The sun came out for a brief 2 min stint this afternoon, and I snatched the opportunity to catch some shots and will be posting some of them here, or probably to my picasa. (nothing at all there at the moment!) No idea how these images may become transformed by being digital we will just have to wait and see.

On the digital side, I was inspired from the get go by JJ, as she found the perfect use for a 4 year collection of photo booth photos, I too have a collection of digital fragments, that have been sitting idle for years waiting to be set free, (dont we all?!) In my case it’s series of audio cassette recorded letters between my mother and grandfather, from 1973-1976. I digitised these several years ago, but up until today the files were in an old Audacity format, burned on a CD,  tucked at the back of one of my drawers. No more! Today I installed the update of Audacity on my newest system, and got to busy importing the old files and saving them as mp3s so that I might DO something with them.  For now that is just throwing them into garage band and trying to pull out a listenable chunk to fullfill my ds106 intro.

Again, I dont think I have found a perfect use for these fragments just yet, but I have been using (and LOVING) soundcloud to find and listen to new music.  I am particularly fond of their comments interface as it displays across the waveform, so I figured it would be a good way to start to publish  and share some of these audio clips.

My story then is, is from a 6 year old me, (my first podcast) describing what I do in kindergarten, which so far is eerily similar to this class.

Assignment 1 by draggin