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I wanted to get one more post up for the month (trying to meet a quota y’know) and have just been writing so much for our paper at the iasummit, that i have nothing left for my own blog. My ‘piece’ above tho is quite cool, and since I havent posted an image for awhile, i thought hey, why not drag the GraffitiCreator out for a spin?

I have been shooting some cool work i see around vancouver (hopefully this collection will get richer with time), but there are some great people dedicated to documenting this art form on flickr. if you are into it or just curious, check out the flickr tag, ‘graffiti’ and graffitti group

it lives… LIVES!

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hmmm, so the Morticious Thrind has posted a bizzare mathematical function posing as legitimate content, which i suppose is perfectly fine. What are blogs for if not the narcissistic indulgences of mathemeticians? One thing I can say tho, is thanks to him I have the coolest ‘toy-badge’ ever, now featured on this page in the upper right hand corner. A little thing he (and Conway) likes to call life.

The Game of Life is a cellular automaton devised by the British mathematician John Horton Conway in 1970. It is the best-known example of a cellular automaton.wikipedia

How does it work?
A more detailed java implementation (can’t put it on your own site tho)

Thanks for sharing! =)

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Find out whose blogging what about google maps. try to keep up, i dare you.

Google maps have sure caused a buzz eh? if your idea of a “buzz”, is a deafening sonic boom that is.
After having played with the thing for the past week or so, it’s clear that google has yet again nudged the internet another huge leap forward with the launch of this tool into our media society.

What has spurred me out of my blogging hibernation was this absolutely brilliant hack brought to us from Paul Rademacher that kludges google maps with craigslist, to form a “greater than the sum of its parts” sort of thing.

Using Superman’s eye view, I can find my house, find rental suites in and around my neighbourhood (or not), and visually make choices about potential accommodations, or just plain enjoy the view. I have collected just a small sample of the recent posts and speculations.
Below is my summary sorted by emotion.


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