Spring 2017 cohort – A Visual summary

Here it is, the Spring 2017 cohort for the EdMedia Program (EMP) Participants were introduced to the inner workings of the program, as well have begun their transmedia experience. Some great discussions were had all around, and with the largest group to date, we are looking forward to seeing all the creative works that will come forth. If you are following along at home, be sure to check our home page for updates as to the mystery of the quartz parrot, a real knuckle biter.

Let us know any feedback and reactions you ahve had on the first day, and we will see you on thursday!




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  1. OK, Jason, here’s my post, which means my homework for the day is done! I’m eager to get into the content that you described today. BTW, your graphic representation of the participants really helped me to remember (most of) the names.

  2. I was upset that I forgot to take a picture of the board 🙂 Thanks for uploading the pictures. Looking forward to tomorrow’s session!

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