Slogger creates a complete log of your browsing history. It can save every page using the same options as the “Save Page As” command as well as saving a customizable plain text history file.

Slogger creates a complete backup and log of your browsing history in a highly customizable way.

With storage becoming so cheap, you might as well save everything, including what you see on the web. Who knows when you’ll want to get at something you previously saw online? Maybe in a couple days, a page has changed and you want to see it exactly as you did before. Or, maybe years from now you want to look back and read the news stories you were reading at this moment in history. Or, maybe you want to analyze detailed stats of the pages you view for research or curiosity.

The basic operation is to save each page in the same way as the “Save Page As” command found in browsers, as well as append some log info to a plain text log file. (which you can format as HTML, XML, etc.). This can be done automatically or on request. Filenames and log info can be set using variables automatically, or you can edit/change them in a popup when page is logged. Actual saving of pages can be disabled, so that it can serve as a customizable history manager. The goal is to make Slogger highly configurable.

What is does is best explained by just installing it and seeing for yourself. I wrote a help file which includes examples of how it can be used. (the help can also be found in the extension’s menu once installed.)

Requires Firefox 0.9 – 1.0