sign of things to come?


This message is all that remains at, what was once just a short while ago,(fine print below). Now is this what we can expect to happen to many other of our still so young, but oh so beloved favorite sites on the internets? (couldn’t resist)
Lets briefly recap some of my favorite places on the web in the last couple of weeks and how much i would or wouldn’t pay for them.

lastfm, I got a paypal account especially for this service. They are currently my number #1 online resource and pasttime bar none. Perhaps because I have an insatiable appetite for music, or perhaps because I am completely exhausted trying to manage the 20 – 40 gigs of mp3’s from computer to device to computer. If they can get their connection a little more reliable, i’m actually prepared to offer them 30$ a year and plan on following through within the week.

Bloglines. #2 on the list. If they ever want to start charging, i’m not sure what I would do. Pay I suppose, as their service is completely invaluable. I know there are plenty of other options as far as clients and software go, but free and web-based? Not so many. Mabybe they could just start pushing Ads by Google to make a few extra bucks. I suppose I would cough up 20$ a year for it if it came down to it.

Flickr. OK, i do not have a digital camera, or i probably would pay for this community. I love archiving EVERYTHING and to be able to share a collection online, as well as save it there (for an as yet, undetermined amount of time) is as good as it gets. …oookay. I really do think they are quite generous providing the service of “badging” most recent pics as it is. We’ll see if things change as far as the service goes. Let’s put it in the same category of “media and estimate $30 a year.

Last but not least, I do love this, but i honestly dont know if i would pay for it. I DO already subscribe to a bookmark archiving service, and it does let me share my collection, albeit in a not quite as elegant way as I have given Linkagogo $20 for the first year (due in Jan ’05)

DOing the math, it seems for the FOUR custom services above, I am paying, or willing to pay, approx $100 a year. 8(

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