Puppets, popping up everywhere, manipulate the imagination and feed a primal fascination


By John Habich – Newsday

Like a ragtag army of automatons, puppets of every contraption are infiltrating the power centers of the entertainment world.

While the hand-puppet cynics of “Avenue Q” and the stick-puppet animals of “The Lion King” entertain sold-out houses on Broadway, the man-eating plant in “Little Shop of Horrors” is gobbling up box-office bucks on a new national tour. Meanwhile, the creators of TV’s “South Park” are preparing “Team America: World Police,” an action-adventure political satire starring marionettes, due in theaters Oct. 15.
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In Britain, somebody’s watching you

CCTV used to fight crime, terror in most-monitored nation in world

I wanted to record the following news storyas it seems particularly indicative of the decline of privacy in modern life. Will (North) American society be as ready to hand over so much freedom to the of the government?

By Jennifer Carlile
Updated: 1:32 p.m. ET Sept. 14, 2004

LONDON – Flipping through a photo album of a trip to London, few tourists will find they took 300 photographs of themselves. But that?s the number of times they were likely caught on close circuit television cameras in a single day in the British capital.

With more than 4 million CCTV cameras operating around the country, Britain has more video surveillance than anywhere else in the world.
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game planet

“This is a game planet. All games are hostile and basically there is only one game, and that game is war. Research into altered states of consciousness – which might result in a viewpoint from which the game itself is called into question – is inexorably drawn into the game. One of the rules of this game is that there cannot be final victory, since that would be the end of the war game. Every player must believe in final victory and endeavor to attain final victory with all his resources. In consequence all existing technologies are directed towards producing total weapons that could end the game by killing all players. Is there any way out of this impasse of national security? Certainly a prerequisite for any solution would be for all countries to put all their top secrets right on the table”

William_S._Burroughs; The Adding Machine
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