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This is fantastic for fans of the Visual Thesaurus, or The Brain, or any other “mindmapping visualization tool. extisp.icio.us is a clever web interaction, which produces a visual representation of a del.icio.us users bookmarks.

extisp.icio.us a. [L. extispicium an inspection of the innards for divination; extra the entrails + specer to look at.] Relating to the inspection of entrails for prognostication
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Agent model yields leadership


By Kimberly Patch – Technology Research News

Complicated systems that involve many agents making independent decisions — like the stock market — are difficult to predict. Game theory quantitatively captures interactions among a few autonomous agents, but is unable to describe more complicated systems because adding agents to the system causes possibilities to expand exponentially, putting system models beyond the computing reach of today’s technology.

The model is a simple, expandable framework that accounts for social behavior in agent-based markets, said Marian Anghel, a technical research staff member at Los Alamos National Laboratory. It could eventually be used to study financial markets, behavioral economics, and quantitative sociology, and to optimize agent communications networks, including robot collectives, said Anghel.
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I Found Some Of Your Life

Picked up on Slashdot
Why You Should Never Lose Your Digital Media

Posted by michael on Monday September 20, @01:03AM

kkrista writes “What would you do if you found someone’s digital media card from their camera in your taxi? One such individual has decided to provide the world with 227 days of entertainment. I Found Some Of Your Life will post a photo a day and accompanying fictional narrative for the next 227 days using the photos found on a digital media card left in a cab. Is it pure genius or pure evil? Who cares? Just be thankful they’re not your photos.”
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