Page Layout Drives Web Search

VIPS, or Vision-Based Page Segmentation is providing alternatives to searching the web. VIPS breaks down the layout and visual representation on a webpage to derive semantic meaning used in searching web content.

MIT Technology Review< i>Researchers from the University of Chicago and Microsoft Research Asia have devised a system that analyzes Web content at the level of blocks of information on a page rather than coarser page-level. This allows for a model of the relationships between Web pages that shows the intrinsic semantic structure of the Web. The method could lead to more accurate search engines, according to the researchers.
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metadata orgy

Social Tagging could prove to be the end of data itself, as more and more information is defined by its location in the interface

Quite a week it has been. While trying to get this blog back to looking nice and semi populated, building my library up to the critical “300 tracks listened to”, (to establish a music neighborhood) and maintaining my delicate balance of link collections, keeping up with the buzz, or more accurately furvor, that has been all metadata and social software has been crazy!

These three gentlemen in particular Brian Lamb Alan Levine Darcy Norman are to blame for supplying me with more “must reads” than I have been able to keep up with. Basically its been a huge, furl,flickr, partay. These sites (links to the right) exemplify the power when social software meets metadata to produce social tagging“.

I googled metadata orgy this morning and am left with the rest of the day(weekend, life) to sort out the inumerable hits that look potentially interesting. First among them (and i didn’t get much farther than this actually) was Ben Hammerslys excellent work filled with insight and resource. Like the Google to RSS hack which was posted back in July, but which I will be using on this site as soon as possible (And yes you guessed it, the first search term i intend to subscribe to will be “metadata orgy“. I have often thought that all text on a webpage should be “googlable” on mouseover. Screw tooltips, I wanna select it and get the top ten hits with as little effort as possible!

One thing that became clear this week of “registering” for this site or that, filling out profiles and coming up with original, sneaky passwords to throw off the hordes of mongrol hackers clamboring over my firewall. I need a Password Manager!
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This image links to my bookmarks.

This is fantastic for fans of the Visual Thesaurus, or The Brain, or any other “mindmapping visualization tool. is a clever web interaction, which produces a visual representation of a users bookmarks. a. [L. extispicium an inspection of the innards for divination; extra the entrails + specer to look at.] Relating to the inspection of entrails for prognostication
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