Living Dolls

An interview with the author of

Sunday 16 June 2002
repeated the following Wednesday at 2.30pm
with Natasha Mitchell

Machines or toys that chew and swallow, that flinch, that play the flute? All have been recently developed in robotic laboratories worldwide. And in one sense there?s nothing new about them ? humanoid automata have captured the popular imagination for centuries. But are they really like us ? or are we like them? Gaby Wood is the author of ?Living Dolls: A Magical History of the Quest for Mechanical Life?.
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tonka toy’s

3rd post (guess i’ll stop counting now) i may have figured out my template situation satisfactorily. unfortunately i lost all my links in so doing and will have to redo that part again. no worries. on with the blog.
the domain of the pixel has been mastered by few, but icon artists such as Hide Itoh, are among those that can take 32×32 of the little buggers and work sheer magic. i could go on but i really just need to let the work speak for itself… (and see if i can actually get this image to show up)

i love tonka’s again!