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So thankfully abject learning gives me a reason to get this blog dusted off. As if the upcoming Northern Voice jam is not enough.

The ‘top 5’ memetag game is a good exercise in bloggyishness, and so let us begin

top 5 things you probably dont know about me…

#5 This goes back to the college days, but I accidentally killed my test dummy in the ski patrol final exam. I actually did 100% perfect treatment of my patient, but forgot that during transportation they must be moved on the injured side. Since this particular case was a punctured lung, and I had him on his back, his lungs filled with blood and … bam. Odd thing was, I somehow still managed to acquire my ski patrol ticket, and got several seasons ‘free’ skiing by volunteering for the patrol. These days I am much more casual about my ski days but have been known to make some turns with these dudes.

#4 I have at least 5 other blogs (feeds all posted to the right) besides this one. Its ridiculous really, I try to tie various things together using rss mashing techniques and such, but basically its all a constant work in progress. Theres another incomplete listing of some others here. Looking at the feeds right now theres a little cleaning up to do.

#3 I like to draw naked people using these things called ‘paper’ and ‘pencils’. Potentially a wide variety of other drawing implements as well. There are no pics up on flicker of any of my work or anything, (which might be a good thing to do some day) but I am looking forward to getting back to doing some drawing again very soon. I used to belong to the Basic inquiry collective here in Vancouver which has been a fantastic artist center for over 20 years. As soon as my thesis is completed I will be having to go check out how they are doing.

#2 I like dancing! I mean, i am really picky, nay, even snobby about my music, I wont just kick out the jams for anything, but essentially I think one of the most important elements to music is its ‘dancability’. Maybe ‘movability’ would be a better word for it. I am just not one of those guys that gets all wrapped up in the lyrics, and de-constructing the musicianship or whatever. Give me dope beats, catchy hooks, rocking jams, just give them to me and keep them coming. Recently I had the very good fortune to attend The Roots here in Vancouver and, maybe its just that I am at a certain point in my life or something, but that show re-energized me like crazy! And then theres parties like this.

#1 I grew up on a farm. I’m not going to get all reminiscent on you , but I do have a clip from a tape my mom made in ’73, I was four, my sister two. A neighbors kid Stacey is also in this clip. Yay vintage cassette home recordings! This was going to be incorporated into my thesis project somehow, but I have since decided to work on it separately. It will be some kinda historical, time capsule, podcast type of thing. My sis Vanessa may not be completely in approval here, but i really did try to edit out the most embarassing parts. The clip is just over 3 min. you can click the small ‘play’ button right there.

Since i dont really know too many other bloggers personally, i will only be able to extend this to 2 other people; rod and amy, both colleagues of mine from the office.

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