NV13 Northernvoice 2013 – some sketches

This past weekend was the 9th annual Northern Voice conference, June 14 – 15, 2013 which was being held at H. R. MacMillan Space Centre / Museum of Vancouver

(the above photo was added as a link in my post to the instagram page using this technique)

I wanted to publish some reflections and since I’ve been so busy making and sharing drawings, I will let them do most of the talking.  Normally I would be uploading these photos on flickr, and I may yet still do so, (for promo purposes?) but I’m still putting the WordPress new media library features through its paces and need to get some new pics in here. The following images were all added to my own image library. I tried to add as much relevant metadata as I could think of, and included the twitter handle of each drawings subject in an attempt to create an ad-hoc community or discussion around these photos. Lets see how it goes.

NV13 @dbarefoot session - Sketchnote
NV13 @dbarefoot session – Sketchnote

First up on day 2 was Darren Barefoot long time NV rock star and one of the original coordinators. His talk was alot of fun, and one of the most original and interesting topics presented this year.


NV13 @jpovarchook session on Museum of Vancouver
NV13 @jpovarchook session on Museum of Vancouver

Jillian Povarchook (our host) from the Museum of Vancouver presented some of the innovation MOV has been up to including an augmented reality app, open data, and funky timeline tools. I’ll be watching these and future projects, they seem super cool.


NV13 – @smith – Ingress – Sketchnote
NV13 – @smith – Ingress – Sketchnote

One of the highlights for me was the panel discussion from Richard Smith, MarkDee (@MarkDee)‏ and Allyson McGrane (@AllysonMcGrane) I’ve known Richard to be interested in augmented reality games for awhile now, and it was a pleasure to get up to speed on his latest a̶d̶d̶i̶c̶t̶i̶o̶n̶, errr interest.



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