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Tapes could be ‘gathered’ which perhaps is what makes them worth collecting and saving in the first place. This shot from toner, is of a small collection gathered

From the 804NoiseFest Label Expo.

which is “a two day experimental, noise, avant-garde & multi-media event held each year in Richmond”, Virginia. link

The pic is from just last year Oct 2005, so it is interesting that they are still using tapes in the distribution of music at all, although there seemed to be a mix of formats at this event.

It is worthy to note the variety of labelling methods used in just this small sample of tapes. Clearly not everyone took the time to ‘mark up’ their tapes in ways as sophisticated as this. Some factors that may have determined the lengths people would go to label their music; availability of time/materials, creative/artisitic tendency of the individual, balance between information and aesthetics.