My Cassettes on CBC

Interviewed about my research
My Cassette Collection on CBC
Originally aired Wednesday August 16th

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Yay! Although I should have been working much harder on finishing the actual writing of my thesis, I spent a good portion of my ‘holiday’ time this year, preparing and giving some interview to our dear friends over at the CBC. Through the power of social networking, ( Thanks Jen! πŸ™‚ ) my idea (and link) ended up on the desktop of a CBC producer who proceeded to call me and set this up. ( Thanks Anna πŸ™‚ )

As I have previously, and repeatedly (sorry internet!) announced, my research project uses pictures of peoples cassette tapes, to explore design strategies that benefit personal media collecting, (storing and sorting) and sharing. When I was first contacted, I thought it was going to be just the blog piece which I was MORE than happy with. Since the idea of publicizing this was to draw as many additional participants as possible, the internet is the natural place to find them. In fact, I think the best promotion this project has seen so far has been the link from the renowned author running joho blog. (Thanks Mr. Weinberger! πŸ™‚ )

Anyway, the interview went faaaiirly well. All those, “ooh I should have said…” moments will make good blog posts. I can also recycle it now that its on the internet and… geek geek geek. Of course I’m my most harsh critic, its good exposure anyway you slice it.

On a very short side note, I recieved an interesting response from Bowdens Media Monitoring, who can provide access to anything recorded on the CBC (I think)

The online service only provides audiotape cassette, CD Rom or DVD format for Radio Coverage. Please refer to the attached for pricing information. If you require an mp3 file, this must be obtained from the Radio/TV dept. The cost is $90.00 plus 10%copyright fees, taxes and delivery fees. Please let me know which format you would prefer.

….uuhhhh… send me the tape! πŸ˜‰