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My research thesis has begun in earnest, and spinning off from my previous work this year on tagging, I am testing the idea of using the photo sharing site flickr, as a means to gather data that can used to specualte on designing in the realm of “the new media“. (I am favoring that term these days over web 2.0, social software etc. just because, well… frankly i’m sick to death of hearing those terms.)

This project is taking place in a flickr group called My Cassette Collection.

About My cassette collection

What are these things good for anymore?

Cassette tapes hold a special place in our media history. Most importantly they hold memories, of people, places and times in our lives that are ever fleeting.

This group is a place to share these stories, using a picture of your tape collection as a guide.

I have compiled a beginers startup guide to assist those that would like to participate, but know little or nothing about online photo sharing or flickr.

Thanks to the thrind for being among the first of my comrades to contribute to the project and to give me a link from is blog. Bigups pal! His tape cassette collection is still relatively intact and he has noted what looks to be an interesting mix, the…

“I am Fucking Insane”; mix tape of songs that GET STUCK IN YOUR HEAD. Includes Billy Squier, the theme from Highlander, and many other favorites.

My project is more about the collection itself, how it is organized, displayed, stored etc. than it is about specific mixes. It is interesting to observe however what things bubble to the surface when users are given a labelling task.

So far, 24 members have joined this pool, and many of them had already posted the pictures to flickr. All I needed to do was ask that they add those pics to my group. It seems gaining new members will be somewhat slow and arduous as this is a realtively obscure topic. The (now) subculture of cassette taping and mixtapes is out there, and I am promoting the group around the internet on Yahoo Discusson groups and, and music communities like, but if anyone knows of other venues where “tapeheads” like to hang out online I’d love to hear from you.

Other problems so far: Getting people to join and use flickr. This potentially limits the scope of my target group too much. I dont necessarilly needa specific tool to gather the information I need. How does using this tool affect the results? HOw would it differ If I relied on something more conventional like email?

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