More found tapes

Harold from sent me an email (an atrociously long time ago now), with a link to his ‘found tapes exhibition‘. This an amazing collection of found audio clips dating back to 2002! It seems these guys comb the streets, thats right the streets, looking for (and apparently finding) old discarded tape, it needn’t be in ‘cassette’ form anymore either. Looking at the index page, it seems there has been no lack of material for them to salvage. Thats the interesting and unique part here to me., they actually DO salvage the tape. Torn and tattered, strewn about, what ever. Each exhibit has an image of the tapes remains, that goes along with the audio they were amazingly able to recover.

This project seems to be an extension of his other work call Sound Chronicles, of which he describes…

Ever since the early eighties, like many, I have a regular companion: a Sony walkman. (It was a stereo one, at first. But already for many years now, I use a mono machine, which in fact is only suitable for use with the ‘normal type’ cassette tapes.) Unlike most,however, I never ever use my walkman to listen to music. It’s my dictaphone. I use it to record. Whichever sounds for whatever reason wherever suddenly make me listen.

Great stuff all around, and I’m sure many great hours of audio strangeness.

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  1. >When I was a kid my Dad showed me how to splice and rewind music tapes.. so we would take found tapes on the street and splice them together and listen to what was thrown away..

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