Lets do this

Alright, enough really is enough already. The name of my tumblr blog was SUPPOSED to instigate some blogging,  way back when, but… nothing. It may come in handy as a social media aggregator or something at some point, but it seems to be lousy even as that. Not sure whats in store for that place, but this place, jasontoal.ca is the new hotness right here. The new place for all things me. Oh I know you’ve heard this before and it’s true. I have started many blogs in the past, sometime more than one at a time, and maybe used them casually for awhile but they never really stuck and I have never really become a blogger. (Although I play one on TV).  This is the place I am hoping something sticks.

I have made several resolutions this year. I am liking having my resolutions this year and dont mind calling them that.  I think the new year is a good time for a fresh start, and to give yourself some challenges and its what I hope to do in many areas of my life, including blogging. I may mention some of these other resolutions later, but the main premise behind them all is “next level shit“. Everything is going to the next level this year, 2011 bring it on I’m stoked!

jasontoal.ca  was to serve as my central web presence, be my online portfolio and professional point of contact. And it still will be, but since it has sat dormant for so long without any action, it is time to bring in the big guns. Desperate times call for desperate measures I need to kick start things right here, right now to take it next level, and I believe I have found the perfect vehicle to do so. Take an online course.

DS106 Digital Storytelling is that course.

Inspired, instigated, dared and taunted by the likes of brlamb , dlnorman, and a host of others,  I am taking the plunge, my first steps, putting myself out there, throwing my keys in the bowl, taking it to the edge and… pirouettes!

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