okaaayy… so the day of brians big event, one day before northern voice kicks off and only 42 days till our presentation at the IA summit, and what am I doing?! yeah of course, an IKEA/YOGA mash up. I started yoga for myself this sysmester and it is really paying off, i love it. Also, I had a horrible binge at that swedish furniture place this past weekend, and have spent the last couple of days trying to assemble my various treasures. It occured to me, as a sharp pain shot up my spinal column, that the instructions they provide offer no advice on the ergonomics of assemling the furniture. Best body position, how to deal with not owning a power drill, stretching, etc. These mental images were just so strong i had to get ’em out. plus i get more pics on my blog. yay!

I tagged this post “Northern Voice” for no reason whatsoever. You may want to see some more images from the conference., or some more of my pics.

2 Replies to “IKEA/YOGA Mash-up”

  1. page 5 says it all – especially the character holding the allen key as if they were going to bash the table from the frustration of implementing the Ikea instructions. Lots of pranayama to get through ikea intstructions (especially with kids around)!

  2. interesting observation, not one that I had set up consiously either.

    I like seven, thats usually how i feel when im done shopping there too.

    thanks for the comment walter! =)

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