I pity the fool, who subscribes to my feeds

    New and piped up, Hello User feed rssLinkList(‘http://feeds.feedburner.com/HellouserBlog’,10,false,false);

I have been including or,’mashing‘ if you will, external RSS feeds into most of my blog posts since sept 05. aahhh I remember the day well. I was like… “how do I do this?”, and the thrind was like… i dunno, i’ll look for something… and he found this thing, plugged it in, and we were away. Still going strong after all these years.

Once that is installed in your WordPress application, its a simple matter of including a small script in each blog post.

< phpcode >
rssLinkList('add your rss link here.rss',20,false,false);
< /phpcode >

…and inserting the link to the feed, with a few extra parameters, number of posts, summary or titles only etc. voila! no matter when someone comes to that particular post, there is always fresh data, assuming I have included a worthwhile feed.

So how does this feed get ‘mashed’ into the blog post itself and consequently the ‘master feed for my blog? Well… it doesn’t. Which is one of the reason why I pity the fool who subscribes to this . When I make such a post, and read it through my reader, that script just turns out as… well script, totally useless to the average human.

Secondly, I have been usingfeedburner as my RSS front end (?) since i started having a feed. Since I regularly change my source feed I felt it would be convenient for people to never have to update the link they subscribe too. Plus there are some cool stats and stuff. I was using an rssmix feed for the longest while, but now, since all my cool friends (brian, scott d’arcy) have been talking about pipes so much, i figured… meh, what the heck? Perhaps the Pipes will allow me to do some how elegantly nest one feed roll, inside another feed post. (If that is making any sense at all you should seek professional help)

The big problem is, that if you have ALREADY subscribed to my feed, when i switch over to the new source, ALL previous posts are smooshed together as the one most recent post, going back in time to forever as far as I can tell. God forbid you ‘starred’ anything or even want to to check back on some of my more brilliant work. I suppose it is a simple matter of select the hello.user rss and clicking ‘mark as read’, but yet I still apologize for the hassle.

Lastly, thn there is the whole matter of the copious amount of blogs I have, and relative lack of blog posts to go in them… but thats another story.