Gmail RSS

I was in near shock last week when I saw the updates on gmail. “New! RSS feeds and more“, was the caption. What, so now I can post my email to a website for all to see? I have actually wanted to do that in the past believe it or not, and HAVE done it although quite unintentionally. Turns out, that is not quite what the keen google dev’s are up to. Rather, they have made it possible to add rss feed aggregation to the top of your inbox. Kind of a natural place really, Although I’m not sute it compliments their Google Reader app so much, kinda competes for RSS feeds actually.

For myself , I found a very practical ,distinct use for this. My reader account is literally for everything I subscribe to under the sun, but I will use the ‘web clip‘ feature of Gmail for the growing number of friends and family I see posting all around. Since the Gmail webclips only display one post at a time it is perfect for those infrequent postings that you do not want to miss, but do not want to wade through all your aggregated data to find. sweet. So far I have included the sites posted on the right there as web clips.