FURL doesn’t suck

Privacy is dead

Stowe Boyd points us to a recent Why you shouldn’t use furl article by Pietro Speroni di Fenizio.

I must be in a mood today, or something as I feel compelled to post my comment here as well.

yea right, and… so what?! What I see happening in the online social networking world as an ongoing trend, is the decay of privacy. The willing surrender in fact, of personal information on most peoples part. Particularly the younger generation seems decreasingly concerned about this ‘problem’. I mean honestly, here we are, posting personal pictures on flickr, upping profiles of our musical tastes on last.fm and broadcasting them, signing up for gmail accounts that specialize in pushing ads based on the contents of your email for crying out loud, and even gossiping in public w/ friends a la Livejournal and others. So why all the fuss about about a little data mining based on linking habits? Do you think those same companies aren’t trolling the del.icio.us users as well to garner whatever information they can? The fact is, if you are into online social networks of any kind, you have to expect to give up your privacy to some extent in the bargain. Its par for the course. If privacy is that much of a concern, then why be online in any form at all? This comment is probably going to be indexed by google within a week, which i find far more intrusive than whatever furl might be doing with my link collection. Why should the whole world get to know how I feel about privacy issues just because I choose to rant here on your ‘personal’ weblog? Sorry, but I just fail to see the problem.