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A typical set up for Dr. Jones ~ summer 2015
A typical set up for Dr. Jones ~ summer 2015

Here we are in October and I’m still processing and publishing pics from the summer. Although I said last week, I missed sharing some stories at the transition of seasons, I’ve realized in fact that I did a lot of sharing through music this year. The ‘Summer Grooves’ series at Club Ilia this summer was my most prolific effort to date, generating almost 20 hrs of recorded mixes in 2 months.  I’ve shared some links over on twitter, but not refined them enough for the mixcloud.… YET.

One small observation I had over this summers residency, was how awesome it was when the kids came out to dance. Club Ilia is a very public venue with an upwardly average crowd. But when the kids are getting into the groove, dancing and generally being rambunctious its truly rewarding and a great eg. of unbridled community.  The above GIF was taken at a friends summer dinner celebration in which I INSISTED to provide the sound. Well worth the effort to set up the space to dance and revel on the warm summer evening, a highlight of the year for sure.  I look forward to continuing bringing music to my friends, family and work colleagues this year, big plan are brewing including a new “TINY SOUNDLAB” project. More details on that coming soon.

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