Disco Dog


Francesca the disco dog GIF. Woof!

A GIF created of sweet Frankie holding down the dance floor last year at a friends Talent Show,  which to turned out to be a creative gathering of sorts of warm, talented and generous people. The night was spent out on the back lawn, where blankets and pillows were laid out so all could get comfy. A deck on the side made a perfect stage, and we took turns sharing stories, singing, making performance, or bringing what you could to the celebration. I took the easy route and SHOWED A VIDEO, yes that was option.  I had been talking about the seed sharing project a bit so showed that, and it was well received. The #seeditforward project LIVES btw, thanks to the likes of Cogdog and his merciless consistency.

Anyway, I had a few opportunities this summer to share my latest stories (whatever those may be), and all of those opportunities were missed! Its left me reflecting on how important the fall equinox period is for taking a bit of a harvest of ones accomplishments of the summer, plants or otherwise, and somehow formally presenting them to an audience. Its this ritual that’s driving me to complete the “Discoculture” project and many other posts (such as this) with some as yet unshared “disco” references. There will be a point here eventually, I think.


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