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I am using the online bookmarking service to collect and annotate my data by setting up a unique account under the name “mycassettes“. I have bookmarked all the images that have been added to the flickr group so far (tagging them “added“) and will continue doing so. I have also discovered many other images realted to cassette culture by searching the tags and titles on flickr. Some I have requested to be added to the group, but for whatever reason they were not. In these cases I have “favorited” the photographs, and have included them in the set. (tagged “favorited “)

My favorites, are publicly available, but I also save other images that are not related to my research so I needed a way to pull these out and group them all with the “Added” image set. So far this is looking very promising as a means to quickly and comprehensively gather my data and add annotations or structure into sub classes, etc all by using tags. The added bonus is that because these are links from flickr images, the site also saves a thumbnail preview of the image i am referencing.