Currant status ツ

Blackcurrant propagation in progress.
Blackcurrant propagation in progress.

I wanted to have another round of propagating off of this “Mother of all Blackcurrants” this year. After experimenting with this, direct to pot technique in 2012, I know its an easy and effective way to make new plants. I outlined my process in a flickr album (see below) but essentially, I’m growing a branch through a pot of soil, and encouraging root growth.  Very quickly (6-8 weeks) I will be able to sever the potted plant, and move it to a new location. Who needs a Blackcurrant?!

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I have since added a third pot, and regret my earlier pruning in the winter or I would have had 6 or 7.  I also could have had several new shoots close to the fence since this plant will eventually need to be moved. Who needs the mother of all Blackcurrants?! ツ


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