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lifehacker posted on this today, but I had the new badge installed almost right away as I have been spending far too much time in front of my delicious account lately, and received the announcent last week. As a consequence of importing my entire archive from Furl, I now have over 2000 bookmarks to sort through! They all have the original tags and everything, but I am finding as I go over them, that this metadata needs updating.

I am reviewing all this stuff for a reason. I am in the final stages of putting my masters thesis together, and have referenced alot of my sources and references online. If you would like to check out the project or heck, even to participate you can see the new website for info. I was using Furl for research projects exclusively for awhile, but keeping up with Furl AND just proved to be unmanageble. Now that everything is in one place, I can mull it over, use the collection to help review my learning path, and pull out all the best references. I plan to re-import all my bookmarks BACK into Furl once I have all the tags updated. weee!

Anyway, the badge is cool, and I think the new direction they are going with this service is very much needed.. The social direction. Why dont ya stop by for a visit and add me to your network?

In other news. I guess I’ll have to finally turn trackbacks off on my blog, since I recently registered it on the technorati blog index, and they seem to be just a huge spam magnet. I am trying to promote my blog a little more these days because I’d like to get more participantion in my research project. Its seems that comes at a cost.